Jewcy goodness

I'm happy to announce the public beta of the new - conceived and created by Jewcy's team, developed by Advomatic and designed by Chopping Block.

This is one of the coolest sites I have ever worked on.
This is drupal on crack.

There are distinct content types for formal magazine articles and community blogs with guest editors, community tools like wikis, forums, and user blogs, ajax for profiles and Youtube videos and an online store with some very cool swag. For 'social networking' fans there are complex profile searches, events with invites and attendee lists, etc etc etc...

The behind-the-scenes functionality is just as fun. For those who care about such things, it's been built to be very admin-friendly with combinations of nodequeues and custom CCK types. These are the primary tools for admins to publish content to the homepage. TinyMCE (with the drupalimage plugin for img_assist) has been configured to death so it breaks as little as possible. The layouts rely heavily on views plus lots of theming madness. The 'madness' part is my area of expertise.

Check it out and visit often. There's great content and an arsenal of very talented contributing writers and artists.
And who doesn't need their very own Shalom Motherfucker t-shirt?