We still heart NY even though she kicked us out of the building

Yes, condos are going up next door. Foundations, shift, buildings are evacuated. Like mine was last night.

Bad news: stuck in a thunderstorm with 2 dogs and no umbrella.

Good news: walking out of the building and seeing 30-50 FDNY guys standing outside. I am pretty dang sure Heaven looks something like this.

Today - gas leak and no hot water. Last week it was because the basement flooded. That was easier to fix.

Bad news: as of this afternoon no more FDNY so no need for cold showers.

Good news: hmmmm... drawing a blank. A hot shower would be good news.

On another note, Drupal Camp NYC #3 is this weekend. We hope all that news is good! Advomatic is sponsoring and we hope to build something cool too!