the suzi shuffle

Friday was my last day with Advomatic. It was a great year + working with the band of genius drupallers. For the next couple weeks I am officially unemployed (aka on vacation), then I go to work for Sony. I want to up the ante with the theming capabilities for the multisite project, which I am pretty familiar with. Over the last 6 months (as an Advomite) I themed websites for: Justin Timberlake, Tori Amos, Mario, T-pain, Katharine McPhee, Say Anything, and The Dey. I think I will be doing some stuff for the Musicbox Video project too. I'm especially excited about working with Earl Miles aka merlinofchaos, daddy of Views, Panels and Node Queue. If you are curious about the Sony projects check out the Lullabot Drupal Podcast No. 39: Doug Gottlieb of Sony/BMG Records.