i survived drupalcon boston 2008

There were 800 people at drupalcon.
i mean

I kept thinking "who are all these people??!!"
I am thrilled to see this level of adoption and interest. The dynamic was really different with this many participants. That part was a mixed bag. Much harder to find/connect/re-connect/network/collborate with people when there are sooo many.


  • The corporatization of Drupal has begun. I don't mean for that to sound like a bad thing. It's inevitable, with Acquia ramping up and all that will come with their new products (which i am very excited about). Guaranteed, supported, pre-built Drupal installs will remove the FUD factor in a huge way. Sign me up.
  • Can't wait to start developing in Drupal 6 - the theme developer module makes me weep tears of joy.
  • Having to work during drupalcon sucks. Next time less of that would be great.
  • I want to go back to Boston and play tourist