How come...

...I forget this site exists and never post anything here?

2008 recap in random sequence:

I moved (again) and started (another) new job.
I worked too much.
I took an amazing vacation and played with elephants.
I watched dear friends get married to each other three times.
I ate huge piles of fantastic food, drank gorgeous and bad wine and found a special place on my palette for Scotch.
I saw a ridiculous amount of live Jazz and know for sure that's my version of Church.
I missed my family and friends.
I loved my family and friends.
I went to THE Opera, saw some Broadway shows and a couple off-off ones.
I ingested art.

I have a picture in my head of how I finally feel I am consuming life. You know the movies where there are people with big metal goblets and there are long wooden tables piled with food and there's that guy sinking his teeth into a massive turkey leg and there's grease running down his neck?

Yeah. Happy New Year!