5 year olds

Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal project, launches new startup


Acquia will build the Drupal-tuned analogue of the RedHat Network, over which we can deliver a wide variety of electronic services intended to be useful to people developing and operating Drupal websites.

more details...

productive weekend

What to do when you can't fly across the country for thanksgiving?

Yelp all day (yeah finally entered a ton of reviews)

Work on a patch for panels2 that allows for truly flexible layouts by choosing specific width units (%, px or em) instead of only using percentages. I'm really excited about this one and hope it gets committed. Safari really blows up the percentage-based columns. I will post whatever we end up using here.

my new favorite website

not sure if i had one before but this is now my favorite website.


they even have a feed:

photos on musicbox

Late last night we launched the first round of photo content on the Musicbox site:
Lots of image cache rules, fun jcarousel implementations, views and panels 2 rule supreme here. To come: user submitted photos and special editor created galleries.

britney goes drupal

It's official - britney.com has been drupalized, b*tch. We used panels2 for the homepage layout. That is indeed shaping up to be a powerful weapon. Not the homepage, silly, panels2 (warning - still in alpha). This was a good theming challenge and I love Doug's tabloid design. Very fun. Poor Britney tho. See what happens to girls who marry Fresno boys?

the suzi shuffle

Friday was my last day with Advomatic. It was a great year + working with the band of genius drupallers. For the next couple weeks I am officially unemployed (aka on vacation), then I go to work for Sony. I want to up the ante with the theming capabilities for the multisite project, which I am pretty familiar with.

Re-theming the aggregator block

A nice person who shares the same name as a famous hair dude contacted me asking how to the drupal news aggregator block show teasers rather than simple titles. This is for the non-profit "The Epilepsy Support Centre". He pointed to this post where I reference themable function overrides in template.php. Go figure - this site must be googleable.

We still heart NY even though she kicked us out of the building

Yes, condos are going up next door. Foundations, shift, buildings are evacuated. Like mine was last night.

Bad news: stuck in a thunderstorm with 2 dogs and no umbrella.

Good news: walking out of the building and seeing 30-50 FDNY guys standing outside. I am pretty dang sure Heaven looks something like this.

Today - gas leak and no hot water. Last week it was because the basement flooded. That was easier to fix.

Bad news: as of this afternoon no more FDNY so no need for cold showers.

we are here!



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