doing stuff

Been busy.
Advomatic launched some sites:

Politics NJ (for the NY Observer)


Greenopia SF


See Advomatic in pure, lily white light.
From the website - today only....
(edit: this sillyness is officially archived at

A Neo Con Web Presence is a Must.

Founded by undercover moles on the Howard Dean campaign web team, Advomatic is proud to come clean as pro-torture, pro-armageddon, anti-peace, pro-debt, anti-future Republicans.

OSCMS Summit 2007 + DrupalCon

Happy VD 2007!

It's that time of year again!

Play me: VD in Vegas

Bee Famous

First reactions to the sale of the Famous sites are pretty predictable. Most people are screaming for fear the Bee will begin to censor posts.

Should we be insulted? I mean really. Why would we sabotage something we worked so hard to build? If we wanted to do that we were perfectly capable of shutting it down on our own. Not only do I trust the Bee will preserve the community that has grown, but I trust they have a healthy fear of the shitstorm that would ensue if they were to censor.

McClatchy Buys the Famous Sites

The press release:

December 14, 2006 (Fresno, Calif.) - The Fresno Bee has purchased, a local website launched in April 2004 by sole proprietor Jarah Euston. is a website dedicated to cataloging, exploring and discovering life in Fresno. The site is a place people can share opinions, news and information about Fresno.

Jewcy goodness

I'm happy to announce the public beta of the new - conceived and created by Jewcy's team, developed by Advomatic and designed by Chopping Block.

This is one of the coolest sites I have ever worked on.
This is drupal on crack.

MySpace - taming the beast
I just can't stand it. Mainly because I never have gotten into the social networking thing online but also because it's slow and the pages all look really gross.

One thing I do like about MySpace is hacking it. I like making myspace profiles look good. Plus it's nutty getting paid to write inherently broken code.

Filmworks needs a geek!

Fresno Filmworks is looking for someone new to manage their website.
It's a great opportunity for the right person or business. This is a volunteer position, BUT sponsor listing in the monthly newsletter plus free passes to films are part of the arrangement.

I have really enjoyed hosting and maintaining the site over the last couple of years. Filmworks is a great organization and they are wonderful to work with.

Fresno Met goes Drupal

Last week we launched the new and improved website for the Fresno Metropolitan Museum.


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